Landscape & Swimming Pool Cleaning Services Dubai

Swimming Pool Services

Livingacre provides you with bespoke swimming pool design, construction and maintenance. With the help of our in-house architect, we can turn your dream swimming pool into a visual reality. Whether it is a new swimming pool project, swimming pool cleaning service or refurbishment of an existing pool, we provide personal service that is tailor made to your requirements. Livingacre is also known as swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai.

Soft & Hard Landscaping Services

Our experienced landscape architects understand functionality, beauty, and the reality of construction, to deliver a unique design which can give a huge transformation to your front and back yard landscapes in Dubai. At Livingacre, we take utmost care and ownership in creating a perfect outdoor space for your family that is unique and appealing. Across our entire range of landscape gardening services we work to the highest possible standards, resulting in a finished product and service we can all be proud of.

Water Feature & Fountain

A charming Water feature or Fountain can be the crowning element for your yard. Not only will it serve as an attractive addition and enhance the architecture of your home, but it also affords an aesthetic value that will increase the value of your property.

Jacuzzi & Spa

Jacuzzi and spa are the most complete and versatile aid to wellness, relaxation or pleasure. It gives you Hydromassage which produces significant benefits for any body shape, size and level of stress. In order to optimize the effects of the hydrotherapeutic action of the hot tub, special attention is paid during the design process to the positioning of the jets, in combination with the ergonomic shape of the tub interiors.

Pergola & Gazebo

A pergola or Gazebo can work as the key element in creating your outdoor living space. They produce shade, style, elegance and functional space to entertain your family and friends for years to come. Every garden has a unique personality, so there must be a unique outdoor structure as well.

Barbecue & Bar Counters

When it comes to the world of landscaping, there are several kinds of barbecue and cooking counters to choose from. Ranging from the material of your counter to the style of the tabletops, every aspect has been created, just for you.

Transform the backyard into a space that complements your lifestyle. From hosting soirees for friends to spending quality time with family, each facet can be customized for your ultimate comfort. And let’s face it, selecting the perfect barbecue pit and serving counter might be one of the toughest choices you have to make.

Pool Cover & Fencing

Swimming Pool cover comes in a wide range of quality and material to suit every client’s preferred style. Pool cover of a hard material will block sunlight to help reduce the development of algae and reduce debris from getting into the pool. Your choice of swimming pool cover depends on many factors as you can see. As a part of  our swimming pool cleaning service, we advise you to select the right swimming pool cover based on your particular needs and environmental factors.


Livingacre offers a wide range of Landscaping and swimming pool maintenance services & swimming pool cleaning service in Dubai and across UAE. Our technicians and managers provide constant attention to your outdoor living space. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure catching of the problem before they get out of hand. Livingacre is one of the best swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai.