Pergola & Gazebo

Pergola or Gazebo can work as the key element in creating your outdoor living space. They produce shade, style, elegance and functional space to entertain your family and friends for years to come. Every garden has a unique personality, so there must be a unique outdoor structure as well. 

Livingacre, the best garden landscaping company in Dubai, is engaged in offering a wide range of Pergola and Gazebo to suit your garden and to make your outdoors more enjoyable. We design & install almost all kind of materials for Pergola including but not limited to the Wooden, WPC, Aluminium, Steel, Concrete and glass at an affordable price. All materials utilized are of the most astounding  quality which suits the weather of UAE. The sustainability and durability of the structure are the best and as per the guidelines of the authorities. We the best among the top garden landscaping companies in Dubai,  are here to provide you the best services in garden landscaping. We also provide garden maintenance in Dubai.

Many people outside the landscaping profession probably do not have a clear picture in head when they hear the word “pergola.” Don’t worry, We’re here to clear up all your confusion and tell you everything you need to know about the outdoor structure related to Pergola or Gazebo.

Freestanding pergola: A freestanding pergola is exactly what it sounds like a pergola that stands alone as a landscape feature separate from your home. You would use this type of pergola in your garden, beside the pool, or to create an outdoor living space away from the house.  

Attached Pergola: With an attached pergola, one side is attached directly to a wall of your home. You would use this style if you want to cover a space connected to your house, such as a patio or deck. An attached pergola can make an outdoor living space feel like an extension of an indoor room instead of a separate feature.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola: It can help defining your outdoor dining area and cooking space by constructing an open-air structure, providing light, fan and a great dining experience.

Gazebo: It has a closed roof, usually sits on raised ground, and often has a low wall or railing around its perimeter. 

Glass room: A glass room can offer an outdoor hybrid space, suitable for using throughout the year, which significantly adds value and dynamism to your property. It can be closed in hot, humid and wet conditions, protecting you and your belongings, and opened when the weather is more favorable. Glassroom equals unparalleled views, always create a stunning, new visual and psychological sense of space.

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